Ride On Cycling Achievement Magnetic Leather Headphone Clip

An ideal gift for the "Zwifter" in your life. This orange and white leather magnetic headphone clip is the perfect accessory to keep your headphone cables in check while cycling.

The magnetic clip is a handy tool while cycling to keep those annoying headphone cables in check, simply fees the cable through the middle slot, then clip the MagKlip onto your top or shorts.

Personalise one side of the magnetic clip with a flag, your name, and the achievements of a particular route that you're proud of. Maybe you conquered Alpe Du Zwift or The Uber Pretzel and you'd like a keepsake of your achievement.

Simply provide us with the ride data you'd like included, for instance the distance, elevation, time, avg power and speed, and we'll add it to your magnetic headphone clasp.

The other side of the clip can feature either the phrase "Ride On" or the image of an indoor cycle.

As well as being a very handy tool for tidying headphones while in use, the functional MagKlip has a host of other uses too!

Not only will its powerful magnets make short work of unruly charging cables and headphones, but the handy little blighter will also make keeping track of keys, money, even recipe cards while cooking that much easier.

The MagKlip magnetic cable tidy measures 9cm x 2.5cm when laid flat, and folds in half to a handy pocket sized 4cm length.
Please provide the following information (feel free to omit anything you'd rather not have on the clip)
Flag -
Name -
Conquered route -
Distance -
Elevation -
Time -
Avg Power -
Avg Speed -

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