How to find coordinates for your personalised gift

Presenting a loved one with a gift personalised with the coordinates of a special location is a thoughtful way of showing how much they mean to you, but it can be confusing to actually track down the correct coordinates.

We recommend using a website such as GPS Coordinates or google maps to convert a location into the coordinates you choose.

To use the website, simply enter the address into the address field and then click the button which says "Get GPS Coordinates".  

You can then choose from two formats for your coordinates, "Decimal Degrees (DD)", or "Degrees, Minutes, Seconds (DMS)".

Decimal Degrees are displayed as two numbers, for example, 55.0123456, -3.245353. 

Degrees, Minutes, Seconds are displayed in the format 55° 23' 12.54" N 2° 2' 4.63" W

We can print either format you choose, though personally we prefer the degrees, minutes, seconds format for coordinates.